Are you curious about building income streams and increasing financial security but aren’t sure you have the time to learn the business of real estate investing?

Ultimately, do you want someone to handle everything for you?

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Gateway Private Equity Group

Gateway Private Equity Group is our multi-asset investment company. Through our service, accredited investors can invest in a hotel, other commercial property or single-family rental properties.

At Gateway, we understand the importance of safety and how protecting your money brings financial security. The investors we work with want a consistent investment that provides equity growth and income.

They’d also like to keep more of the money they make, which means that reducing taxes is an important criterion. In addition to safety, security and consistent income, our investors are looking for a solid return on their investment by diversifying their portfolio.


So how do we help our investors get all of these things?

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The Right Property

We have the knowledge and expertise to acquire the right property that meets your safety and security objectives by focusing on commercial properties with value-add opportunities to increase revenue and reduce expenses.

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The Right Experience

Having managed over 1300 units, we use our strong management skills and expertise to concentrate on growth potential in both apartment complexes and hotels. We know how to reduce risk while also taking on 100% of the management burden.

If you are an accredited investor and are interested in learning how to make your money work hard for you – without the work, check out our current offering!


Current 506c Offering: High Growth Hotel

We’ve opened a 506c offering for an upper mid-scale hotel in Chandler, Arizona. This is an upper mid-scale hotel in a fantastic growth location with numerous demand generators and several upside opportunities.

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I agree to keep any and all information delivered by Gateway Private Equity Group strictly confidential and shall not disclose any such information to any third party without Gateway’s prior written consent, except to your officers, directors, affiliates, partners, members, employees, financial advisers, legal counsel and accountants on a need to know basis. Furthermore, I agree that I shall not, without Gateway’s prior written consent and participation (i) pursue or engage in any transaction regarding the Asset, or (ii) except in the ordinary course of my business unrelated to the Property, communicate with the seller, owner, partner, investor, lender, tenant, borrower, guarantor, contractor and/or obligor connected with, related to, and/or whose name is obtained from the provided information with respect to the Property.

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